Good Organics Launches

Good Organics Launches

Good Organics launched their first product with zero-waste toothpaste tablets. The Founders Gary Beesley and Garrett McMartin were concerned with the toxic and wasteful cosmetic products people use every day, so Good Organics was born from a desire to make a difference, starting with re-imagining natural toothpaste.

The pair are passionate about health, sustainability, innovation, and bringing people together. They believe changing the world is possible and are excited to have Good Organics as a vehicle of positive change.

Toxin-free toothpaste is becoming a necessity in health-conscious circles and environmental organizations. Natural toothpaste tablets are the future of oral care the founders believe. Plastic-free toothpaste delivered in compostable packing makes Good Organics eco-friendly and sustainable. The toothpaste is sustainable in more ways than one. They are perfectly portioned so you save with each brushing. You only need to wet your toothbrush, so you save water when you brush. The jar they come in is meant to be refilled with our larger value packs. If it’s not going to be refilled it’s completely recyclable or useful for other things.

Garrett and Gary welcome you to the Good Organics tribe and hope you enjoy our mission and products. Sign-up for our mailing list to be a part of the journey as well as get notified on incentives, deals, and discounts.

We always love to hear from supporters, email if you want to stay in touch. If you haven’t ordered some Good Organics Toothpaste Tablets yet, our launch discount code is still live! It’s “25LAUNCH” and that gets you 25% off of your whole order.