SHARK TANK Episode…Good Organics! (Sort of)

SHARK TANK Episode…Good Organics! (Sort of)

We made it to Shark Tank! Well…sort of.

Similar to Dragon’s Den in Canada, the hit T.V series “Shark Tank” gives startup entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their business to the shark expert panel and a chance to gain funding and a strategic partnership.

Kevin Harrington, an American business mogul and an original shark on Shark Tank has launched more than 500 products and produced over $5 billion in global sales - making dozens of millionaires. Kevin has launched a new BRTV Omni-channel marketing campaign service called Shark Discoveries.

Kevin’s research team found Good Organics products to be great and should be shared with a global audience. After further discussion we came to the conclusion that a T.V commercial campaign would help us increase our brand exposure, exposing us more to the world, and help us move closer to achieving our mission. This partnership has been in the works for around seven months now…our commercial is in the editing stages! Very exciting times for us and we hope you can be excited with us!

It’s been a long road and we can’t wait for it to air and share it with you. If you’re excited,  let us know on Instagram @goodorganicscompany