Bamboo Floss - Jar + Refill - 2 x 30m

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  • $16.17

  • BAMBOO FLOSS - eco friendly dental floss 2x floss + refill included with each reusable product package for 60 meters of fab floss.                                                   
  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS - We at Good Organics believe changing habits that harm the environment should be fun and straightforward! No Teflon, No Plastic. Our natural dental floss works hard for you and the environment. Biodegradable bamboo floss dissolves within 30 days of disposal.                                                          
  • ECO FRIENDLY - Zero waste products that require minor changes and create significant impacts. We at Good Organics believe changing one habit can make a big difference, so why not start with something small? One less plastic bag or straw, one more reusable water bottle, one less plastic toothbrush... These are all easy ways to reduce our impact on the environment!                                                 
  • REUSABLE FLOSS - Unlike other brands, we don't use any plastic packaging or throw away containers for our product. Simply refill the container when you run out of floss!                                                                                                                           
  • ZERO WASTE PRODUCT - Our bamboo floss is packaged in a plastic free, eco friendly re-usable container. When your floss runs out, simply refill the container with more floss!