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  • Reduces tooth decay
  • Natural sugar replacement
  • Kills bad bacteria
  • Regulates pH balance
  • Reduces gum disease

Regular consumption of xylitol reduces tooth decay and risks of gum disease. Its molecular structure slows the growth of harmful bacteria (streptococcus mutans) on tooth surfaces. It also neutralizes the pH levels in saliva and dental plaque and it stops the production of tooth decaying acid.

Xylitol is processed from birch trees, so it is a 100% naturally derived ingredient. Xylitol is a natural sugar replacement that keeps a sweet taste without all the harmful effects of sugar. It doesn't spike your insulin or raise blood sugar levels, which is a great thing to avoid as you start your day.

Calcium Phosphate

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  • Remineralizes teeth
  • Repairs small defects
  • Repairs early cavities

The molecular structure of calcium phosphate is similar to the mineral phase in your teeth and natural enamel. It helps to remineralize your teeth and also repair enamel defects and early caries lesions.

Calcium Carbonate

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  • Mild abrasive
  • Gentle teeth polish
  • Removes dental plaque

Calcium carbonate is a mild abrasive that removes plaque when brushing. It gently polishes away surface stains.

Natural Peppermint

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  • Flavor
  • Minty Fresh Breath

Derived from farmed mint leaves, we added peppermint for its flavor and to give you that minty fresh breath everyone loves.

Zinc Citrate

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  • Protects teeth for several hours
  • Prevents dental plaque
  • Prevents tartar formation

Zinc citrate remains in the oral tissue after brushing your teeth. It protects you against dental plaque, tartar formation even several hours after using the product.

Sodium C.I.

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  • Foaming sensation
  • Gentle moisturizer

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate is a natural ingredient made from coconut oil. It gives that foaming sensation everyone loves to feel when brushing their teeth.